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Unihealth started with a Dream

"To establish a series of health centres that provide the highest quality in alternative health care at the best value for the public."

With this dream our founder, Dr. Ernest Ho, opened the first Unihealth Centre in 1995 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His concept was, and still is, to provide a diverse range of treatments and therapies by blending Eastern and Western healing philosophies under one cost effective management system. What evolved since then are not only health centres but also a comprehensive health system.

Besides the establishment of physical locations, Unihealth ventured into realm of Internet health care by launching in September of 2000. This was the first step in linking our physical centres to the World Wide Web. To date, has been serving users from all around the world concerning providing information and products with respect to alternative health care.

By providing physical centres for therapies and a portal for online solutions, Unihealth is constantly working towards establishing the most comprehensive alternative health system for our users.


Unihealth is focused to expand by concurrently bringing more health centres to different locations as well as developing a well-rounded online community to link our physical locations to the Internet.

In this day and age where technology has become part of providing efficient health care, we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into developing a full service online portal where users have access to a diverse range of services and benefits. We believe that not only is it important to provide physical locations for therapies but it is also critical to compliment the system by having an online component.

Our commitment is to bring our health system into every suburb within North America and also into every home via the Internet.

Educational Contributions

Our centre director, Dr. Ernest Ho, is one of the founding Advisory CommitteeMembers of the Holistic Health Practitioners' Certification Program at Langara College, Vancouver, B.C. This program was established in 1996 and continues to grow since its conception. The role of Dr. Ho is to advice on curriculum in addition to assist the College in promoting the program.

Besides sitting on the Advisory Committee of the Holistic Health Practitioners' Certification Program, Dr. Ho also sits of the Advisory Committee of the Holistic Health Studies Program at Langara College. This program is more encompassing than the Holistic Health Practitioners' Certification Program because it includes all other programs under the Holistic Health umbrella.

In addition to his involvement in the committees, he also participates as a guest lecturer to the students of the Holistic Health Practitioners' Certification Program where his discussion includes the theories of alternative health as well as the social awareness an alternative health practice in present day community.

Professional Contributions

Besides providing quality alternative health care to our members, Unihealth is also an active health benefits provider for professional organizations in Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver Board of Trade

Since 1996, Unihealth has provided members of the Vancouver Board of Trade health benefits. The Vancouver Board of Trade is a 4000+ business group whose aim is to promote a healthy business environment in the community.

Architectural Institute of B.C.

In the year 2001, Unihealth was invited to become a health benefits provider for the Architectural Institute of B.C. by their membership director. This is in recognition of the quality of service, which Unihealth has demonstrated through the years of operations in Vancouver, B.C.