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Acupressure massage has been used for thousands of years as a healing alternative health therapy and is one of the oldest healing therapy to date. The therapy of acupressure massage is a natural health remedy where acupressure points on our bodies are stimulated by manual techniques. The history stems back to ancient China where stimulation of acupressure points has been linked to enhance the balance of the qi, or energy, in our body.


Techniques used in acupressure massage include direct acupressure with the thumb, fingers, palm, or elbow. Variations of the technique include "rolling" with the forearm over a body part, kneading of the muscles, tapping of the area of concern, and mobilizing of various joints.


Acupressure massage may be used in many conditions ranging from stress management to relieve of arthritic joint and muscle pain. The conditions that acupressure massage may aid in healing are extremely diverse and have proved to be very effective.

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