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Spinal Joint Therapy


Developed by our founder, Dr. Ernest Ho, the spinal joint treatment is an amalgamation of the East and West, the old and the new. The Western approach comprises of using the ultrasound therapy to stimulate soft tissue healing and muscle relaxation. The Eastern component is the use of sound energy to stimulate specific acupoints within the vicinity of the treatment area. Therefore, when the session is followed by acupuncture, the body’s qi, or energy, is already enhanced by the use of sound energy.


Use of sound energy as well as stimulation of acupoints by direct pressure and via the use of acupuncture.


The spinal joint therapy is a gentle technique working with the mobilization of joints, incorporating ultrasound treatment to deal with joint and soft tissue injuries. This is usually used in conjunction with acupuncture in order to combine the East and West therapeutic techniques to enhance the treatments. It is very effective for musculoskeletal injuries and joint conditions such as back pain and joint strain/sprain. Not only is the sound wave used to stimulate the soft tissues to heal, but also to enhance the flow of our body's qi, or energy.

Receiving Treatment

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