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Traditional Chinese Medicine


The use of herbs is dated back thousands of years with the origins stemming from the ancient practitioners of Chinese Medicine. Whether it is the use of a specific herb or a combination of herbs, the holistic approach of Chinese Medicinal Herbs has demonstrated its effectiveness in a wide range of conditions.
Unihealth utilizes a blended mixture of Chinese Herbs in our hydro foot therapy. Unique to Unihealth, this therapy is excellent for stress management and preventative health care.


A warm water bath is prepared and the Chinese Herb mixture is emptied into the basin while the feet are comfortably resting in the massaging water bath. The session is recommended for 10 minutes and this is followed immediately by a treatment of reflexology or acupressure.


The Chinese Medicinal Hydro Foot Therapy is a water immersion therapy using a blend of Chinese Medicinal herbs. This therapy is effective for general health and stress management, insomnia, and arthritic conditions. The treatment is conducted by submerging the feet in a warm water bath with a massaging effect. Duration is usually 10 minutes and it is highly recommended to follow this therapy with a session of acupressure and/or reflexology.

Receiving Treatment

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