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Dating back to the dynasties of ancient China, acupuncture usage has been documented for thousands of years. Historical use of acupuncture included the use of stone needles, working with blood-letting, to the emergence of gold and silver acupuncture needles. Through evolution, the present day acupuncture needles are made of stainless steel and packaged in single-use disposable units.


Theories of acupuncture revolve around the idea of balance. There is a balance between the internal and external environment. There is a balance between the yin energy and the yang energy of the body. There is a balance between the organs of our body. The treatment of acupuncture makes use of needles to stimulate the acupoints on the many meridians to re-establish the balance which may have been altered. Acupuncture is one of the most effective means to work with our body's internal energy environment to tune normalize the energy flow.


Acupuncture may be used to deal with a multitude of conditions. This ranges from anxiety, depression to back pain, indigestion, diabetes and hypertension. The use of acupuncture has also been documented in studies to be effective in pain control. When used under professional care, acupuncture works well with other treatments such as acupressure and reflexology.

Receiving Treatment

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