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A holistic therapy dating back to the ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures, reflexology has been used through the years as a natural approach to health maintenance. The theories of reflexology state that the entire body's organs and systems have reflexology points located on the soles of our feet and palms of our hands. By stimulating these reflexology points, one will be able to enhance a balance and normalization of our body's functions. These reflexology points have specific locations on our feet and hands and usually relate to a specific body part or organ.


Proper reflexology technique requires a blend of kneading, rubbing, twisting and direct pressure on the feet and hands. The reflexology areas that are more sensitive to touch may indicate that the respective area has a certain level of blockage to it. When performed properly, reflexology will generate a warm and soothing sensation in the feet and the body.


Reflexology is an alternative health therapy that works well for stress management and overall holistic health maintenance. Simply getting the feet massaged and stimulated is pleasant since the feet takes on a tremendous amount of pressure per day with constant standing, walking, and running. Reflexology provides a soothing approach to relax the foot and normalize the body's qi, or energy, at the same time.

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